Large 12-Piece Rainbow Stacker

$94.95 $108.95
  • Our creatively large rainbow stacker inspired by Grimms 12 piece large wooden rainbow features beautiful wooden arches of different colors stimulate children visually, mentally.
  • The versatile open-ended toy has multi-use & inspires joyful imagination for your kids. It's a stacker & nesting puzzle, plus pieces can be used as bridges, tunnels, fences, houses, doll cradles, caves, beds and the endless number of different creations. Kids will find so many ways to play it.
  • Children will learn about colors, refine hand-eye coordination and motor skills, as well as expand their creative abilities while being immersed in critical thinking and deep play. Let children discover and develop their own creativity with this open-ended learning toy. Stacking, nesting, and building stimulate reasoning skills, essential problem-solving activities for children.
  • This large 12 piece Rainbow Stacker cut from a single, solid piece of linden wood, comes minimally packaged in a recyclable cardboard box.
  • Size of the wooden rainbow is 36 x 17 x 7 CM. All colors are water-based and in accordance with EN 71–3 safety norms, are harmless for kids' health (NO worrisome paint or varnish used).
Please note: This product is handmade and will naturally have variations and may differ slightly, have little imperfections makes it more special.

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 IMG_0085IMG_0124IMG_0071IMG_0127IMG_0064IMG_0073IMG_0077IMG_0079IMG_0065IMG_0081IMG_0092Large 12-Piece Rainbow StackerLarge 12-Piece Rainbow StackerLarge 12-Piece Rainbow Stacker