Rainbow Semi-circles Building Set 11pcs

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Color: 11pcs Semicircle

Wooden Rainbow Semi-Circles

11 semi-circle wood pieces each decreasing in size. These wooden semi circles are inspired by the Grimm’s Toys offer endless scope for play, children can stack them and create shapes, patterns and play scenes. Combine with the large rainbow and you can make a 3D world come to life. Lay the rainbow pieces on their side and place a matching size semi circle on top to create a space for other toys to enter. This can be repeated to make towering structures and the same can be done by adding wooden blocks too. Steiner educators, nurseries and playgroups love how this natural toy can be used throughout the day in numerous ways.

This wooden toy is made from wood and colored using non-toxic, water-based stain.

Featuring toys to shake, build or pull along, HECCEI’s range of These Waldorf-inspired toys has something for every child to fall in love with. The quality of these toys is superb and their appeal is timeless – we’re sure that they will be treasured not only by your children but by your grandchildren too. 

Note: The product is handmade and will naturally have variations and may differ slightly, have little imperfections. We think it only adds to the charm and makes each product unique.