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Cotton Bedding Set



Size                           Duvet Cover                           Flat Sheet                                  Pillow Cases            

Twin Flat Sheet          1pc 160x210cm 62x82inch        1pc 180x230cm 70x90inch           1pc 48x74cm 18x29inch

Full Flat Sheet            1pc 180x220cm 70x86inch        1pc 230x250cm 90x98inch           2pcs 48x74cm 18x29inch

Queen Flat Sheet        1pc 200x230cm 78x90inch        1pc 230x250cm 90x98inch           2pcs 48x74cm 18x29inch

 Size                                 Duvet Cover                           Fitted Sheet                            Pillow Cases     

 120x200 Fitted Sheet        1pc 160x210cm 62x82inch       1pc 120x200cm 47x78inch        1pc 48x74cm 18x29inch

 150x200 Fitted Sheet        1pc 200x230cm 78x90inch       1pc 150x200cm 59x78inch        2pcs 48x74cm 18x29inch

 180x200 Fitted Sheet        1pc 200x230cm 78x90inch       1pc 180x200cm 70x78inch        2pcs 48x74cm 18x29inch


How to choose the size?

1.the size of bedding set depends on the size of the duvet cover

2.the size of duvet cover should be the same with your duvet, for example, if your duvet is 200x230cm so you should choose 200x230cm duvet cover, so you should choose Queen size

3.the size of a different country is different, so we indicate with cm or inches measurement

4.the patterns of the pillowcases are not the same


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